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The world is still reeling after the arrival last night of 17 ambassadors from Tralfamador.

ufo picBush claims alien vessels contain weapons of mass destruction. Demands inspection. Less>

Blair supports Bush. "Call me Roots," says Tony. (Think about it.) Less>

Israelis bulldoze homes used by aliens. Less>

GlaxoSmithKline patents alien DNA. Less>

Sharia court sentences aliens to death. Less>

ufo picMcDonalds releases new McAlienburger. Less>

Christian group protests, demands aliens wear clothes. Less>

Earth a hoax, claim aliens. Less>

Pope old, confused and irrelevant. Less>

Abductees hire football stadium for reunion. Less>

Iowa man driven insane by 24 hour news coverage of alien arrival. Less>

ufo picFrench demand bilingual aliens. Less>

Analysts finds tenuous link between aliens and share prices. Claim world's economies are not based on a fragile, unstable system after all. Less>

Aliens in $2bn detergent sponsorship deal. Less>

Buy scorched grass at eBay. Less>

Buy books on spurious affiliate programs at Amazon. Less>


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Really this site is just a publicity vehicle for my fiction writing. You can download three free novels here at Foxglove. For more details, see, Vince's Desire (my most recent), Field of Reeds and Pious in the Mornings. I've now had over 60,000 books downloaded from this site - far more than I'd ever anticipated.

There's also a small selection of short stories and poetry. Here's a curious piece, Ritual Circuits, about sex in a microchip factory. And the latest nonsense - Sherlock Holmes (Dance Mix). The stories section is very popular and around 2,500 are read each month.

You'll find more details about me and my writing right here.

Other fiction sites, especially those offering free material, are linked in the Online Books section. And if you'd like to put your own writing on the Web, here are some Technical Tips.

Finally, if you're passing through London, call in at our writer's group, New Rivers.


Andrew Starling

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