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Technical Support

A fresh approach from Foxglove

Most ISPs use a tiered support system. The first person you get through to is unlikely to be a technical expert. They're usually learners themselves, and they respond to your question using an on-screen menu that prompts them with the answer. If they can't answer your question from the menu, they pass you on to somebody more experienced - a medium level techie. If they're stumped, you finally get through to a real technical expert, who in some cases is also the ISP's network manager.

At Foxglove, we've modernised this system by incorporating the communal support systems found in groups such as the Linux community.

Tier 1 support

Mary Thompson. Mary's level of computing is basic, but she can help you load a CD or switch on a modem. Don't tell her your call is connected with Foxglove. Say you're a friend of her son, Kevin.

Telephone number:
This service is no longer available. See Cease and Desist order N5562937x, Brighton County Court.

Freeserve. To use their technical support section, you'll have to pretend you're a Freeserve subscriber. Tell them your name is Carol Rotsdean, 53 Wolsey Avenue, Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire. Born 27/3/73. Email: carrots@freeserve.co.uk. Males are advised to use falsetto.

Telephone number:
This service is suspended pending the outcome of Freeserve vs. Foxglove

Tier 2 support

Our Chief Technical Officer, Mark Prendle, is currently in Australia. If you bump in to him on the beach or in a Queensland bar, don't hesitate to ask him your technical questions.

Tier 3 support

Bill Gates. Most of your problems will probably be down to Microsoft bugs anyway.
Here's his home number: (+1) 425 882 8080