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Short stories

Sherlock Holmes (dance mix)

Statements of the Famous

Sherlock Holmes wonders why we need to know the opinions of famous people, and gets to meet Fatboy Slim. 4900 words.

The Dissatisfied Voter

Sherlock Holmes investigates a contemporary issue - how valuable is your vote in a modern democracy? 5100 words.

The Determined Existentialist

A client asks Sherlock Holmes why he hasn't aged, even after a hundred years. The answer, of course, is that Holmes is a fictional character. But what about his client? 4700 words.

The stories above are published in French in the collection "Sherlock Holmes Dans Tous Ses États", ISBN 978-2-7436-1734-9, Éditions Payot et Rivages, Paris, French language rights belong to this publisher.

Roger and Danielle series

They are sligtly different characters in every story. The sequence of changes in the original twelve tales was supposed to tell a story itself, but frankly that didn't work out.

Meeting Mam

Danielle, herself born through a teenage pregnancy, invites her boyfriend round when her mother is going out. 2400 words.

Ritual Circuits

Computers and microchips are a bit soulless. But maybe a little spiritual history can become embedded inside them. 3700 words.

Blue Seaweed (Indica)

On holiday in India, the pair view the world from a different perspective. 4000 words.


Here, they're an affluent but bored couple who come across a strange and sexy ritual at a Scottish inn. 3600 words.


In old age, more past than present. 1400 words.

The rest

The Gift

This isn't fiction. It's a eulogy for my father. It's emotional. 1100 words.