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More Foxglove

If you've enjoyed reading about Foxglove, the free ISP, you might like to take a look at some more fiction by the same author. That's me, Andrew Starling.

You can read sample chapters of three novels and download the complete books for free. My latest is Dead Pan and Joe Progress, a satire on celebrity and genetic modification. Vince's Desire is about an artificial intelligence with a sex drive. Finally there's a thriller, Field of Reeds, based on the afterlife myths of four religions.

If you're looking for something shorter, try starting with Ritual Circuits, a curious fantasy about sex in a microchip factory.

There's also a small selection of other short stories and a dozen poems.

Finally, I run another site, TinHat, which is close to sombre and worthy and tells you all about security and privacy on the Internet. Things like how to protect against viruses, how safe it is to shop online, and who snoops at your emails.