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Pear-shaped Internet

Did you know there are really two Internets existing in parallel? Most people attempting to get through to the Dream Internet usually get through to the Pear-shaped Internet without realising it. Here's a quick checklist to help you work out which Internet you're getting through to:

Dream Internet Pear-shaped Internet
Always connects first time Connects first time when it's not important
Fast connection Often grinds to a halt
Full of useful sites Full of heavily-marketed commercial sites that want to sell you crap
Search engines get you where you want to go Search engines appear to be connected to a random site generator
Fantastic news source Same bland news repeated pretty much everywhere
Teeming with culture Packed with pornography
Run by sensitive human beings Run by thoughtless machines clearly programmed by socially-inept nerds

So, which Internet do you usually manage to get through to? Thought so. And yet most of the information you find on the Web and in magazines only covers the Dream Internet. So it's useless.

Here at Foxglove.co.uk we're keen to fill the gap. We haven't done it yet, but we're keen. Surely that counts for something?


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