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Poetry has gained a new lease of life through the Internet. It's short, text-based, non-commercial, and been waiting for an easy method of publication for centuries. Welcome home.

Love Train

Vonnegut called orgasm a non-epiphany. I agree. Sometimes I see trains.

Ten Thousand Men

The Grand Old Duke of York inspires a craze on the London Underground.
NEW: All-singing, all-dancing, animated version.

Home Improvements

Surrealistic view of humanity becoming more technological and less natural (with no mention of DIY).


...now works as an anchorman for CNN. When this was written, the war in Bosnia seemed to be going on forever.


If love was a fairground ride, it would be banned on safety grounds.

Act for One

On the perils of writing purple prose.


On listening to somebody else's poetry.

A Layman's Opinion

Inspired by watching snooker on TV. What are the players really thinking?


Oi, that's my rubbish skip! Keep your rubbish out of there.

Kamikaze Courier

A mad bastard on two wheels.

Curtain Call

Signing off.