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A free mystery novel

Free online novel (Novel 3). Download here.

Vince's Desire

This is the story of a battle between an overbearing artificial intelligence, Vince, and his inventor, Graham. Vince lives inside the world's computers and soon becomes the planet's dominant species. He also decides to give himself the digital equivalent of a sex drive, and it's Graham's partner, Faith, whom he wants to sleep with, even though she's real and he's nothing more than a bunch of ones and zeros.

In terms of style, it's closer to Jurassic Park than to regular science fiction. It's also quite light-hearted, as any book about the sexual desires of an AI should be.

Contains Strong Language

Here's the first chapter, as a sample, in HTML format.

You can download the entire novel for free...

The original format is the Word document (.doc 400k, so around 90 seconds to download on a regular modem). It's in Word 6/95 format for compatibility with older systems. Save it to your hard drive using 'Save As'.

Here's a PDF version (445k, so downloads in less than two mintues). It's a streaming PDF so will soon appear but can't easily be saved to your hard drive.

Finally, a text version (.txt 370k). This is ideal for conversion into PDA formats. It may appear on your screen without linebreaks, but if you save it to your hard drive using 'Save As', and then re-open the file you saved, that problem goes away.

The book is viewed between 2000 and 4000 times a month.

All rights are reserved on the novel.

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