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.co.uk The World's First Free Call International ISP

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simple. We use toll-free numbers in every country - 800 in the USA, 0800 in the UK and so on. You connect to the toll-free number at no cost, and your call is forwarded through to our network centre in the UK where we connect you to the Internet. It's so simple we're surprised nobody thought of it before.

But how do you make a profit?

We don't. That's the new business model the Internet has introduced to the world. Most Internet businesses don't make a profit. Look at boo.com or amazon.com or any of the other big names. The way to make money on the Internet is through issuing shares, an Initial Public Offering, as it's called. When foxglove.co.uk goes public, probably at the end of this year, we'll make money on our share options, even though the business will continue to run at a big loss.

Can we have shares too?

Certainly. That's our incentive for you to subscribe. The first 50,000 subscribers receive 1,000 shares. The next million receive 100 shares. Latecomers will have to make do with 10 shares. We estimate the shares will be worth around $16 each, so SIGN UP NOW.

How do I get my shares?

Simply by registering as a subscriber. You don't have to use the service, just register. The more subscribers we have, the better we look to the stock market and the more valuable our shares will be. Everybody benefits, so SIGN UP NOW.

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