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To save you the trouble of filling out a registration form, we've automatically extracted the information we need from your computer. We've created a new credit card number for you using a popular hackers' program (so don't worry, you won't be charged, the banks will pay) and taken the rest of the details we need from the cached file of your last Internet transaction.

Your last transaction was

$15 per month subscription

If your partner uses your machine, this may be their transaction rather than yours. You may wish to discuss the use of your machine with them.

Our connection software is now downloading to your computer and irreversibly changing all your settings to make sure you're forced to use our service because everything else you had on your machine beforehand no longer works (copyright Ayowell, all rights reserved).

Free of charge, we'll throw in sixteen Foxglove company icons spread around your email programs and Web browsers, plus a handful of Foxglove dial-up shortcuts - some in places your computer didn't even know existed

This is all too much, tell me about the connection CD instead