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Our connection CD

Again, this idea is so simple that we can't believe we're the first to do it. We're an international company so CD distribution by normal means would be too expensive. What we've done is added our connection software to a regular CD that you can buy in any record store.

Just go to your local store and buy a copy of Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits. Put the CD in your computer and listen to the music as normal. When you get exactly 2 minutes into track 9, press Ctrl>Alt>Del twice in quick succession. This will reset your machine and start up our connection software.

Note 1: You must listen to all the previous eight tracks for the system to work.
Note 2: If you are more than one second off exactly two minutes into the track nine, the system won't work and you will need to start again at track one.
Note 3: Unfortunately we weren't able to get our software added to every single copy of this CD, so there is a risk that you could buy a copy without our software. Try two or three times, then ask your record store to change your CD until you get one with the software included.
Note4: Once you've got the system to work, if you hear a neighbour playing Barry Manilow tracks repeatedly for five or six hours, please offer to help.

Sounds great! What are your terms and conditions?