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Foxglove Sitemap

Foxglove.co.uk was first created in 1999. It's a fine example of an old site that's got a bit messy over time, as new bits have been added and old material still retained. You might need this sitemap to make sense of it.

Free Novel: Dead Pan and Joe Progress
Free Novel: Field of Reeds
Free Novel: Vince's Desire
Short stories
Links to good online book sites.
Strip cartoon: WebFeet
DHTML cartoon: BillGenie
Spoof ISP
DHTML examples
Other material including photos, my biography.
Technical tips for publishing fiction on the internet
New River London writing group, hosted by Foxglove
An alternative Home page, required for some arcane technical reason.
London walks with Dylan William (offsite link).

Email me at ajs@foxglove.co.uk with comments, suggestions and queries. This address changes periodically, just to keep spammers on their toes.