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Short stories on the Internet

(My own stories are available here.)

My personal preference is for stories with plenty of bite - challenging rather than comforting. Unfortunately, there aren't all that many on the Internet.

My favourite site for all things literary is the UK's Richmond Review, and it has a fine library of high quality short stories.

Lots of out-of-copyright classics from masters such as Chekhov, Twain and Munro are available at Bibliomania. This site disables your Back button (naughty) so the link opens a new window

More masters from Classic Reader.

Here's an interesting short story site, again from the UK. East of the Web.

More story links can be found at Rob Hobcott's site. A smaller (earlier?) selection chosen by Rob is available at Short Story Junction.

This links page is still under development and I hope to update it soon. But then you've probably heard webmasters say that before.