Listen to the man let go
And start to speak and let it flow
Or start to write and not hold back
Or start to act and not be racked
With thoughts of what the viewers see
Or think he thinks or ought to be
Or want to hear or read themselves
Or think his thought too lightly dwells

His mind connects to mouth or hand
And travels gaily round the band
Of censorship that intercedes
'Tween normal thoughts and normal deeds
Policed by ego's strict decrees
Now flouted by art's mutinee
Led by the rebel of invention
Vision routing fear and tension's

So take in what this man gives out
His joy of life and hidden shout
Of glee at commune with his soul
And others too he hopes his toil
Enraptures with its magic dance
Of words that lead beyond the trance
Of humdrum life to what's inside us all
But rarely ever called

Andrew Starling

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