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Dead Pan and Joe Progress

The god Pan comes to Earth and because of his goats legs is mistaken for a genetically modified organism. He becomes famous, appears on a couple of TV shows, and tries to defeat his rival Joe Progress, a thoroughly modern deity. (Published) More Details.
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Vince's Desire

book logo The story of a battle between an overbearing artificial intelligence, Vince, and his inventor, Graham. Vince lives inside the world's computers, and decides to give himself the digital equivalent of a sex drive.  More Details

Field of Reeds

book logo Raymond Kite invents an electronic method of measuring the human soul. Not everybody thinks this is a wonderful idea. Includes religious judgement scenes, with an ending based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
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Short Stories

Short Stories

Short Stories

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On holiday in India, a couple find a new perspective. Blue Seaweed (Indica)
Sherlock Holmes meets Fatboy Slim. Sherlock Holmes (Dance Mix)
Sex in a microchip factory. Ritual Circuits
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